Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sparking Saturday - Nicola Crocker.

This week I joined twitter. I've resisted for a long time but I realised I need it for work. Not only is it an immediate promotional tool but it's also excellent at allowing me to discover other incredible designers and makers.

So I've decided to introduce "Sparking Saturday" - a chance for me to share something exciting I've discovered. It won't always be yarn related but there will be an element within the work that I really enjoy or find inspiring. Hopefully it will spark something in you too.

So first up is Nicola Crocker - a ceramics artist based in North Devon.

I completely fell in love with Nicola's pieces the moment I saw them. I also love her inspiration source -

  I am inspired by the coastline and surrounding environment in North Devon. Interested in the nature of the clay; the forms I can produce from it, the colours and how the two can work together. I enjoy the making process as well as seeing how people respond to my work.

What I love most about Nicola's work is how beautifully she captures the North Devon coastline, To make something that recreates that texture is a real skill but the creative element is in harnessing the spirit of that environment. 

These pieces are North Devon.  But it's not just in the texture of the pieces, Nicola also uses glazes with flair. The colours are subtle but with flashes of intensity - much like sunlight dancing on the sea. I see these colours and can almost smell the tang of warm salty water.

These are pieces begging to be held and interacted with much like the coastline of North Devon. You want to sit by the sea and be close to the soothing power of water, whilst at the same time wanting to dive head first into the surf and feel it's raw, tempestuous energy. How can you not feel inspired by these ceramics?

If Nicola's work has inspired you, then I urge you to visit her site for more information.




  1. Oooh lovely work! I live in North Devon and really feel that she has captured the landscape and in particular the coastline wonderfully!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Have been thinking about Twitter and Facebook for a while....may have to give you a ring to find out what you think x x

    1. I thought of you when I first saw these pieces! I'm glad they meet with your approval.