Tuesday, 16 July 2013


This morning I had a wonderful parcel in the post.

 I bet you can't guess what is in the box!

I've been ordering yarn for my line of finished garments. Sheepfold is a wonderful shop that is committed to supplying British yarn and particularly fibre from rare breeds. I love the quality of the product and it's perfect for my mens wear collection. Of course knitting a heavy yarn in this heat may be regarded as madness but to me it's knitting something I love in yarn that is glorious so allow me this insanity. You know you'll love the results.



  1. Of course it's madness - but I know you're a bit bonkers so its no surprise really! The yarn looks gorgeous and thanks for the link..will be off for a look shortly....

    1. Bonkers but you love me. The yarn is just joyous to work with. Go and look and buy lots of British loveliness.