Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Moving Forward.

I'm currently on a mini holiday.

The event is over so I get a week off to recover and I'm making the most of this time to do some paper work. The least exciting part of my freelance life but a necessary one.

Whilst sorting through papers, I thought now would be an excellent time to sort through my working life too. I finished my degree a year ago so it's a good point to stop, take stock and make some plans for the next stage of work domination. There are a few new irons in the fire but the first thing is that I've moved to a different swatch studio to work with. This doesn't really mean a huge change for me - I still work from home and still post my samples in - but I just felt it was time to work for someone else.

I had a really positive conversation with the studio owner yesterday which has got all sorts of ideas fizzing in my brain. The studio owner has some meetings in New York in the middle of July so I need to get my skates on to have samples ready but by now you should know how much I love a close deadline.

Of course there will be updates and images but remember, this is work that will be sold and then owned by someone else so be prepared for obscure views. In the meantime, I'm sketching swatch ideas like a demon so I have a road map for the design. I'll let you see those in a few days.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sweater Design

After the teasing glances, I can share with you final images of my sweater design.

I'm pleased with how it's worked out - using a very different yarn presented me with some interesting challenges not least of all working with a different drape - but it's given me plenty to think about. And of course more design ideas.

Let's hope the client likes it.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Something New

I've been working on developing some of my menswear knitting that was my Final Major Project at Uni.

During my 3rd year, I used a yarn that I had created myself and which was very well retrieved by people who saw it. I'd still like to work with a yarn company to make it part of an exclusive knitwear line so until then, I'm keeping it to myself. However I can use a more conventional yarn to knit my original designs.

I've been busy knitting samples up to take boutiques and galleries and in a few days there will be pictures of the finished garments.

This is work that I enjoy. Working out how the pieces will fit together and all the algebra that goes along with pattern writing. I'm really pleased with the results - I hope my potential clients feel the same way.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Seeds of Inspiration

Boy and I have recently become proud parents. Panic not. Before you worry this blog will be over run with bootee patterns and matinee jackets, let me explain.

We don't have actual children. Nor is it the up-coming event. Put your head between your knees and breathe. That dizzy sensation will soon pass.

The management company that owns our building has recently tidied up the ground at the front of the property. During this time, we were able to secure a small plot for our very own. Today I spent some time putting in some new vegetable plants.

The butternut squash will be gorgeous in a risotto.

Of course there is fibre in my garden.

An interesting mix of surfaces and textures.

Different leaves and structures.

This garden has a dual purpose. The obvious one is an ever-changing source of visual inspiration and that is true. The different leaf shapes, the way the sunshine highlights the veins, the mixture of textures, all of these are elements that feed my work but my garden is more than that. I remember in a lecture once, the topic was creative blocks. Specifically how we overcome them. The answer is not to torture the problem into submission but to do something else. I have a number of strategies. The shower is a favourite problem solving place for me as is kneading bread in my kitchen. Gardening is another activity that I find incredibly helpful. There is something about pulling weeds, that allows my brain to free wheel towards an answer. All of a sudden I have a tidy patch of garden and the solution to a design problem.

Not only will I grow vegetables that will be good for my body, I'll be able to weed which is good for the soul.