Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sparking Saturday - Dovecot Tapestry Studio

I love colour. I get really giddy when I see a range of yarns in a the shades of the rainbow and start to think of the endless combinations. So imagine my excitement when I discovered Dovecot Tapestry Studio.

The studio is a light, airy place - the perfect place to create - and look at all those lovely yarns.

From very traditional roots, the studio came back from the threat of closure in 2000 and went on to celebrate it's centenary last year.  It's founding weavers came from the William Morris’ Merton Abbey Workshops in Wimbledon, London, famous for trail blazing patterns and designs within the Arts and Crafts movement and that ethos of care and pride within craftsmanship is still present  in the work today. The commitment to passing on knowledge and preserving techniques is evident from the apprenticeship scheme they run. But this is not a studio trapped in the past of it's heritage. This is a studio that spearheads the new.

A light and airy working space.

These are weavers that work to create stunning, contemporary pieces of art. This piece is based on a painting called Large Tree Group by Victoria Crowe and uses undyed, British yarn.

These are pieces of art in their own right. A true celebrations of yarn, technique and heritage but within a  contemporary setting. I love work that embraces traditional methods but that applies a modern context to them. It keeps the heritage alive and adds to it's story.

For more images and information on their lively programme of events, go to the Dovecot Tapestry Studio site.



  1. WOW! What a gorgeous space to work in...and the work is stunning! Thanks for introducing me to it :)

    1. I thought that you'd enjoy the post. I'm glad you feel so excited by the space. It's amazing isn't it.