Thursday, 18 July 2013

Rome Wasn't Built in Day

This week I've been mostly working on a sweater for my next designer step.

It's a design that I love knitting and one that you've seen before. This design is called "Roman" and is one of my favourites because of the elongated stitch which gives the sweater an open texture.

This works really well in all different weights of yarn but I'm particularly fond of chunky and aran weight. It gives them an extra twist and really makes the stitch pop. If the yarn looks familiar then you get a gold star observant reader. It's the lovely "Clotted Cream" I bought from Sheepfold and it is knitting up like a dream.

Remember the sweater name, you may hear it again.



  1. Have you chosen "Roman" for another reason? ;)
    Anyway, it looks great and the yarn really compliments the stitch x x

    1. The trick is to find the yarn that compliments the stitch and vice versa. Sometimes it works better than others but Sheepfold yarn seems to have a really good "Work" rate.

      Glad you like the name. It was chosen with care.