Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sparking Saturday - Justine Nettleton.

Today I want to feature the work of Justine Nettleton, an artist based in Nottingham/Derbyshire, who creates beautifully vibrant paintings and jewellery.

Justine explains her inspiration -

I moved to Long Eaton, Nottingham in 2003 and began making a daily bike ride around West Park to keep fit and unwind. I quickly realised that the park can be the most beautiful place in the world. Throughout the year the colours and light change on a daily basis. The shapes and shadows vary as the seasons progress.

This inspiration is evident in her work

A stunning landscape with a true sense of scale 

Justine works in acrylics to create striking colours that nudge against each other. In the example above from the "Wollaton Park 2012"series,  the stark contrast within the snowscape, produces some really interesting negative spaces that invite you into the piece.

Justine's studio space.

Of course this talented woman doesn't just produce incredible canvases. She also takes her large scale paintings as inspiration for a range of gifts including cards and pieces of jewellry.

As with Justine's canvases, the minimalist images have a sense of quiet space and peace. This line is quite rightly called Art You Wear and is an eye catching line of jewellery as well as mini paintings/cards.

If you wish to see more of Justine's full sized canvases, then I urge you to visit her site to appreciate the wide range of light inspired works.


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  1. Beautiful work indeed - thanks for sharing! I particularly like the jewellery x x