Monday, 11 February 2013

Twisted Knit Group

I had such a moment of pride yesterday it actually made me squeal

I belong to a knit group that meets twice a month in a local pub. At our final knit of the year last December we were talking about Knit a Longs (KALs) because some members had just completed some. It was suggested that our group could hold a KAL. We're all long practised knitters so we decided to add a designing element to it. Socks seemed the perfect item - they're small so they are over relatively quickly but they provide a great "blank canvas" to try out stitch structures. I volunteered to go first since I've done this a few times now.

I decided on cables and twisted stitches since they give great texture and definition. There is a formula I tend to use for socks which helps me make sure things go where they need to, so I spent an afternoon playing around with my pattern charting programme and had the sock written in about a day and a half.

At the end of January we met for knit group and I gave everyone a copy of the pattern. I was actually really nervous about it - what if there was a problem and my fellow knitters judged my professional ability but of course everyone was lovely.

So why did I have a moment of pride yesterday?

Well, because my friend Lucy messaged me with images of the final socks! It's the first time I'd seen them finished.

I am absolutely delighted with the way they've turned out. Especially since she told me she liked them too. I guess she must have since she knitted them in under a fortnight!

The only problem is I've not finished one yet. I've been so busy with samples and work knitting that I've barely got past the cuff but having seen how gorgeous they are, I'll have to crack through it in the next few days.



  1. yup loved knitting these babies. These socks are definitely keepers xxx

  2. They look awesome! Well done you x x

    1. Maybe these will persuade you to knit socks.

  3. They're amazing! Are you going to publish the pattern? I'm pretty sure my man would like these in a dark brown colourway....

  4. I may well publish the pattern in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for an update when it's available on Ravelry.