Thursday, 21 February 2013

An invitation.

For the last couple of days, I've been staying with a friend in London. We spent time catching up and knitting, laughing and generally relaxing. All the time (well most of the time) I've been plugging away at the socks for sock week.

I was getting ready to leave yesterday and head home, when I thought I should check my email. Thank goodness I did. I had an invitation from a designer I met at New Designers last summer.
She needed a knitter to complete a garment - part of her current collection - would I be interested? Well since I was in the area, I had nothing to lose.

I met Jane at her studio. She showed me the material and we talked about what she needed from me. I love talking with other designers. Their passion and enthusiasm is infectious. I took a sample of the material with me so I could work on the tension and get to grips with the "yarn". There is also the possibility that this will lead to more work and maybe even some collaborations with her which would be really exciting.

I may post some photos of the work if Jane agrees. In the meantime, I suddenly have a lot of knitting to get on with.



  1. Ooooh what an amazing thing to be asked to do! Can't wait to hear more about your collaboration :)

    1. It was completely out of the blue! I'm so thrilled to be asked. Jane is lovely and works incredibly hard. It'll be great experience.