Monday, 18 February 2013

Sock Week

This week I'm planing on a sock finish. Of course this isn't just one sock. It's 4.

Two of them are KAL socks that I've designed, one is for my fiance (to go with the first one I've already completed), and the final sock is the next sock in my "Beyond the Fat Lady" series.

Would you like a sneak preview?

This is "Wattlebird"

So far there is a cuff and a leg. The next thing to work out is the pattern for the foot but for some reason it's not quite emerging.

I'll carry on with the other WIPs until inspiration strikes and then I can start to pull everything together and get it tested.

I'll keep you posted as the pattern reveals itself to me.



  1. They look great! I wish I could knit in the round....

  2. When I see you, I will unveil the mystery of round knitting for you.