Monday, 25 February 2013

Sock Week - The Result

As you can see, I finished 3 socks this week.

The first is my "Twisted Knit Group" sock, the middle one is the 2nd sock for Boy and the right-hand sock is my "Earth" sock - another KAL.

Now the sharp eyed reader will remember I had a fourth sock to complete. I ended up frogging it. I love the yarn but I wasn't entirely happy that it was the right for "Wattlebird". I actually got as far as turning the heel before realising it really wasn't working. I'll cast on with some different yarn in the next few days - other projects allowing.

I'm really pleased with this last week's work. There was a real sense of accomplishment as I finished each sock. There's nothing like finishing things to make you feel ready for the next challenge.


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