Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sparking Saturday - Sarah and the Moon

Today I want to feature someone I've admired for a long time. 

Sarah Cross is a weaver with passion and a flair for using unconventional yarns within her work. She works with the SAORI style of weaving.If you look at they explain the ethos -

In SAORI, on the other hand, we put more importance on free expression, because hand weaving is different from the machine weaving. In SAORI, we always try to follow 4 slogans, because to free oneself from conventional way of weaving is sometimes very challenging. 

SAORI 4 Slogans

1) Consider the differences between a machine and a human being.
2) Be bold and adventurous
3) Let’s look out through eyes that shine.
4) Inspire on another, and everyone in the group.

Knowing the principles, it's easy to see how Sarah's work falls into that philosophy.

Inspired by the song "La Mer", this beautifully captures the feeling of underwater plants and gently lapping waves.

It's the combination of colour that really makes my heart sing. Every single colour has a purpose within the piece and no one dominates. It's a symphony within the weaving. All the yarns get to strut their stuff but the skill lies in keeping the overall piece harmonious. The pieces are bold and Sarah uses unconventional yarns in her work but with an understanding that transforms it from "novelty yarn" to "reminiscent of waves".

Inspired by bluebell woods. You get a sense of the flowers bobbing in a gentle morning breeze.

Even more traditional weaving motifs follow the SAORI style.

 Sarah explains her inspiration -
My main passion is weaving, which I do from my studio which overlooks the beautiful scenery of rural North Devon in the UK. I love to blend different yarns and textures so that everything that I make is unique, and I often take my inspiration from the landscape around me....although sometimes my mind will go off at tangent and come up with something a bit bonkers.

Bonkers or not the result is eye catching, and beautiful. They are statement pieces but underpinned with style and grace.

If you'd like to see more of Sarah's work or even own a piece, then visit her Etsy shop. Although be warned, I may fight you for them!



  1. Well....flipping heck love! That is one heck of a compliment that you have just paid me :) Thank you so much - you have certainly brightened up my day x x x

  2. You are more than welcome. Your weaving brightens up mine x