Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Do Something Scary

Today I'm offering up a challenge.

We all know that doing something scary is good for us. It pushes us and tests us. It causes us to lose control which can be exhilarating. It emboldens and empowers us.

Today I filled out my first ever tax form. "Big whoop" I hear you respond but actually, to me, it is. My little Type A self is often terrified of "doing it wrong" ("it" being anything). I find myself paralysed at the thought of doing something because I end up over thinking it. In this instance "I'll get it wrong, not be able to afford to pay them what I owe and go to prison". Despite the fact that I know I can ring HMRC with as many questions as I like, I was scared. Today, being Admin Wednesday, I bit the bullet and 2 hours later, my tax return was filled out and returned. And I feel amazing! I've conquered a thing! I beat it.

Now I'm not suggest you all go and do your taxes. You're all well rounded individuals and get your kicks in better, more inventive ways, but I am suggesting you do something that scares you.

Remember when you were a little kid. I bet you cycled down a steep hill and took you feet off the pedals. If you were the one that tumbled to the bottom and ended up in a full body cast for the rest of the Summer, then I'm sorry, but if you remained unscathed, remember how it felt to free wheel down that hill. Now remember how you laughed like a loon. It was fun. It was exhilarating. That's the feeling I want you to have today.

Today is Hump Day so why not free wheel into the weekend with a smile on your face and laughter in your voice. Do something that scares you.



  1. know where I work, so I do something scary quite often! Well done you on putting on your big girl pants and completing your tax return (I must do mine too....).
    What are you going to do next that will scare you?

    1. You are a very brave woman.

      I'm not sure what I will do next. I'll have to make a list but I'll let you know when it's written.