Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sparking Saturday - Four Beautiful Keys

I have had such a girl crush this week. It's entirely the fault of Haley Key, the designer behind Four Beautiful Keys, and her gorgeous jewellery she creates in her studio in Suffolk.

A business inspired by faith & love which Haley incorporates into each design.    

This is the perfect description of what Haley achieves. Her work have a lightness and whimsy to them that just makes you smile. Don't believe me?

See! Isn't that pretty!

The designs are incredibly feminine without being in your face. They are demure, elegant and incredibly stylish but with a sense of fun. 

The work is delicate and  gentle. It makes me think of long, summer days with the aroma of cut grass, lemonade, roses and warm earth permeating the memory.

These pieces are textured with hammer marks creating a surface that holds and softens light. It also makes them incredibly tactile. As Haley points out -

They do tarnish quickly like an old penny- just gently polish them back up with a silver polishing cloth? Silver oxidises quickly so just  rub it with a silver cloth or dip solution. 
This gentle act of cleaning allows the wearer to work with the pieces and interact with them.

Not only are Haley's pieces beautiful, they do something beautiful too. She works with A Way Out - a charity who "are an outreach and prevention charity, specialised in engaging vulnerable and hard to reach women and young people". Haley created two necklaces, incorporating the charity's logo and donates 50% of the sale to them. Anyone who knows me will understand why this just made me fall even harder for Haley. How appropriate that a designer who's work is based on love and faith works with a charity trying to restore that in such vulnerable people.

If you too are now smitten, visit the site and treat yourself to something full of whimsy and joy.


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  1. Oooh...I had a look at the site and now I really, really want some of her work!
    Thanks for introducing me to her work (and the potential harm to my bank account)!