Saturday, 11 May 2013

Chelsea Gosling

Last year I was contacted by an MA student, Chelsea Gosling, who needed a hand knitter to work on garments. These garments were to make up part of her final collection. I was more than happy to work with her and over the course of a couple of months knitted 3 mens sweaters. 

The other week Chelsea emailed me some images of the garments so I thought I'd share them here.

 They were knitted in viscose ribbon which gives a luxurious drape and sheen.

The gauge took a little bit of playing with to get the best fabric possible but I'm really pleased with the results. These are very stylish mens garments

It was an interesting experience and one of my first in real design commissions after graduating. I learnt a lot working with Chelsea and found her ideas exciting. I enjoy the process of taking a 2D paper pattern and figuring out the construction for each garment.

Many thanks to Chelsea Gosling for use of the images, Ann Mitchell, the photographer and Armuary of Elite Models.



  1. Well...hello Mr Armaury! Um...ahem....the knitted garments are gorgeous and stylish - the cuffs on the blue sweater look very interesting. I think mens knitwear should be a bit more interesting without being too cabley or fussy yet still masculine and you and Chelsea have certainly made that happen.

    1. Isn't he lovely!

      Thank you. I'm glad you like the garments too. I'm really interested in mens knitwear. I'm heading into more unusual construction and making that the feature with the texture being kept quite subtle.