Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow in Summer.

This morning I'm working on designs for the studio I work for. We're currently working on S/S which makes me smile. As I look out of the window it's snowing quite vigorously. Ah the life as a designer.

This is what I've spent 3 years working towards and it just highlights that inspiration shouldn't necessarily come from the time of year but from other sources. It's odd to put yourself in mind of warmer days and soft, flimsy layers when it's below freezing outside, yet if I consider my inspiration for this collection, the ideas and constructions seems limitless.

I'm currently working with folds, short rows and asymmetrical construction which is stretching my brain in a really exciting way.

Unfortunately I can't share much more than that - wicked tease that I am. However, I am working on some of my own projects alongside the studio work and there will be images of these soon. These are more seasonally relevant and use techniques that I've set myself to master this year.

Meanwhile I'll carry on with the short rows and watch the snow, thinking of the warm days to come.


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